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Tremulous encounters between two worlds (detail)

Something a little different today, that’s for sure! A bit of electronic dance mixed in with some fantastic vocals and a funky vibe throughout, I think you’ll dig it! Show some love if you’re all about this sound.

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New track released today by Lindsay Lowend, loving the atmosphere and the mellow vibe throughout. Download is up so grab it while it’s hot!

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Kendrick Lamar @ Buku Music + Art Project 2013

Ever since the Usher remix, I’ve always anticipated a new Madeaux remix in my SC dash. Really digging this one, hopefully you will too.

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Keats Collective 3

The latest Keats Collective is out and it’s awesome! Here’s a feature from Kaligraph E, but the whole thing is worth a listen and a download.

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back in the day circa 1996

Oh man, just too much nostalgia coming today from Gramatik, one of the best mashups ever (totally influenced by my nostalgia, mind you). Enjoy and show this one some major love.

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Water Poinsettia

Some smooth liquid glitch coming from Rameses B, great feel to the whole track and if you’re loving it, you can grab it on Bandcamp.

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To a New Earth

Love seeing new stuff from Kill Paris, the EP is definitely solid, filled with some remixes of a few acts you’ll also enjoy. Show love.

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Happy to see some new stuff from my man Kaligraph E, really digging this new track (let’s pester him on SoundCloud for a download ;)). Show some love if you enjoyed it.

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Sometimes It's Hard To Think Outside The Box

Card Trick - Photo Quilt

It’s an older code sir, but it checks out… this was actually dropped by Chrome Sparks about a year ago, but I missed it, and I thought you might have missed out too, good stuff.

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I like the lights

I’m down with that disco electronic as long as it’s quality stuff like this Classixx track. Grab it on iTunes if you’re digging it.

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