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Graffiti Hearts

Well, I definitely dropped the ball on this one…

I came up with the idea of a “Follow Friday” to post a bunch of great submissions, the first one went off well, and then…

I forgot to post it for two straight weeks.

Goddamn slacking.

Time to make right on the original promise, so here’s an early version of Follow Friday.

I love posting these because I get to showcase indie and really experimental tracks, these types of posts will definitely contain a lot of undiscovered goodness and the submissions I’ve been digging lately, so enjoy and please support these independent artists with a ‘like’ or tweet of this post!

1.) “Addiction (Remix)” by Scott Kane | Download

2.) “The Less I Know” by XYZR KX | Download

3.) “Something Out Of Nothing” by Break Nasty | Download

4.) “Metamorphosis” by Agent Whiskers | Download

5.) “Fires” by Box Of Luca

6.) “Technologic (Remix)” by Go Go Bizkitt | Download

7.) “Summer In The Fall” by Stef Is Dope | Download

Love all of these tracks!

Big ups to the final track, perfectly timed and seriously one of the sickest independent hip-hop tracks I’ve heard in quite a while.

If you enjoyed any of these, please support the independent artists featured here by sharing this post! Thanks for listening!

Graffiti Hearts

So, to put it bluntly, I get a lot of great submissions.

Here’s my problem though: tons of bigger artists also release music constantly, and people expect me to post those tracks.

I also don’t want to post like 20 posts a day: that would get really annoying for email subscribers, and that would make each post only get a few views each.

I think I found a decent solution to this; from now on, on Fridays, I’m going to be posting a bunch of submissions at once.

This way, we all win: I can post about awesome submissions, submissions get featured more often, and the site gets a new feature to look forward to on each Friday.

So enough talk, here’s the music that I really enjoyed this week! (If you don’t see your track featured, don’t worry, I wanted to keep this first post to 7 and I most likely haven’t looked at yours yet, my inbox can be a tough beast to tame sometimes!).

1.) “Carvinal EP” by Jonny Litten

2.) Go Go Bizkitt! Feat: Shawn Elliot – Flunk (Hey Hey)

3.) Skrillex and Kaskade – Lick it (3LAU Monstamash Disco Edit) 

4.) Tiesto – Maximal Crazy (Derek Sabiston REMIX)

5.) “Love Machine” by NIM

6.) “At Night” by Heffay 

7.) “Ashes” by Chris Hurst

Thanks for checking these out, hope you enjoy them!

If you want to support some independent artists, please share these tracks or this post if you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening!