Follow Friday: Making Things Right

November 28, 2011

Graffiti Hearts

Well, I definitely dropped the ball on this one…

I came up with the idea of a “Follow Friday” to post a bunch of great submissions, the first one went off well, and then…

I forgot to post it for two straight weeks.

Goddamn slacking.

Time to make right on the original promise, so here’s an early version of Follow Friday.

I love posting these because I get to showcase indie and really experimental tracks, these types of posts will definitely contain a lot of undiscovered goodness and the submissions I’ve been digging lately, so enjoy and please support these independent artists with a ‘like’ or tweet of this post!

1.) “Addiction (Remix)” by Scott Kane | Download

2.) “The Less I Know” by XYZR KX | Download

3.) “Something Out Of Nothing” by Break Nasty | Download

4.) “Metamorphosis” by Agent Whiskers | Download

5.) “Fires” by Box Of Luca

6.) “Technologic (Remix)” by Go Go Bizkitt | Download

7.) “Summer In The Fall” by Stef Is Dope | Download

Love all of these tracks!

Big ups to the final track, perfectly timed and seriously one of the sickest independent hip-hop tracks I’ve heard in quite a while.

If you enjoyed any of these, please support the independent artists featured here by sharing this post! Thanks for listening!

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