Notorious Big

No pranks or other antics from me today, just a great Notorious BIG remix from the dude Woody, check it out and enjoy!

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Pasarela (Puente de la Cartuja)

Still lovin’ Freddie Joachim’s instrumentals, check out this latest and show some love.

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Very happy to see Atu releasing a set of some of his best tracks (plus a few new ones!). The whole album is worth a listen, and the first 2000 or so download are free, so go grab it!

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Day 317/365 ~ I Must Belong Somewhere [Explored!]

Another great track featured on the Keats Collective mix, features a ton of goodness so I can see myself uploading a few of these.

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Keats Collective 3

through the dancing poppies stole a breeze

Great collaboration from Atu and Sango, man what a duo to pair up! You can grab the download for free, but it is a Facebook exclusive.

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Love In A Cold Climate, Windsor

Really enjoying this new StewRat track, interesting mix of sounds and a great switch up at the end of the track. Show love.

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Girl Graffiti

It’s been a bit since I’ve heard something from Lunar Apex, but glad to see this upbeat track pop-up on my SC dash today. Enjoy and show love.

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Tremulous encounters between two worlds (detail)

Something a little different today, that’s for sure! A bit of electronic dance mixed in with some fantastic vocals and a funky vibe throughout, I think you’ll dig it! Show some love if you’re all about this sound.

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New track released today by Lindsay Lowend, loving the atmosphere and the mellow vibe throughout. Download is up so grab it while it’s hot!

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Kendrick Lamar @ Buku Music + Art Project 2013

Ever since the Usher remix, I’ve always anticipated a new Madeaux remix in my SC dash. Really digging this one, hopefully you will too.

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