Morning Fog Emerging From Trees

Very enveloping sound coming from Young Team in this track, the underwater vibe is done often but rarely done right. Show some love with a download and share with a friend.

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Have a Nice Weekend

Love the sound coming Satin Jackets on this latest release, but we need to be blessed with a download! Show the track some love as we patiently wait…

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ray of light

Really interesting vibe from this track, and definitely a different sound for Evil Need (at least in my opinion), but one that I really enjoyed. Show the download some free love if you’re feeling it.

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You know I was all about Vanilla’s Soft Focus beat tape that dropped a little while back, and I was combing through his older stuff and found a few tracks getting no love on YouTube, so here’s the amenity to that! Enjoy and be sure to check out Soft Focus as well.

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Welcome to the Universe

Through The Magic Of Light

Another sampling of some melodic dubstep coming today from Rameses B. Show a little love, and if you’re feeling it, pick the track up on iTunes.

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Not much to say about this track, but the video is well done and those violin strings… though I think my girl could do without some of the generic wobbles that detract from her excellent playing.

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Getting high...

We’ve been keeping a steady mellow sound this week, and the trend continues with this fantastic track from Yahtzel. Sexy stuff, show major love if you’re digging the sound.

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Reflection of moving light

Bringing some of that supa chill again today, I adore this track’s vibe, this is zone-out music if I’ve ever heard it. Show some love to that download and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Can’t say much else other than that Lindsay Lowend is on a role, Antonio has been cranking out hits lately. Beat tape needs to drop soon!

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Night life

Ah man, that sample in the beginning is pulling at the nostalgia strings, but that aside this is a great track from sample to drum line, enjoy the download and show love.

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