Street Lomo

Been a while since we’ve seen a fresh Pretty Lights track, but it was worth the wait! The heavier sound certainly continues, but if you’ve liked releases like You Get High, this will definitely be up your alley.

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Psychology of Concerts

In every genre of music, concerts typically play a huge role in fan enjoyment.

Not everyone is into concerts, but many are hooked, and today I’d like to look at the science behind why concerts are fun (and even give you reasons to justify going to them :)).

Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at why the research says concerts are a better purchasing decision than buying music.

As I did in my post on the psychology of music, we’re going to be dropping science like a kid from Catholic school, but don’t worry, I’ll break down each study into laymen’s terms and give you the “quick-and-easy” on why our brains love concerts.


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Although I haven’t had the pleasure of featuring Taquwami before, I have showcased some of Ruddyp’s work, and this collab is just a continuation of a very solid track record. Show some love and grab a download from Bandcamp (name your price) if you’re feeling it.

Check out Taquwami on SoundCloud.

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Got put on to the Keats Collective by my man Benny Loco, and this newest release from Dinosaurus Rex (dat name…) is solid, great funk vibe through the whole album. Pick it up on Bandcamp and show love.

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The Looks

I've reached the end of the world

Another great jam coming from Lindsay Lowend today, great mix of a serene vibe and some really unique sounds, you know the dealio. Enjoy, and let’s hope LL drops some downloads soon.

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It’s about time we had something new from my man Michal Menert, and I’m really digging this interesting track released today, just an added bonus having the Break Science feature. Enjoy the download and definitely show this some love.

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Paul Meets the Milky Way

One and Two Half Dollars

Goodfellas sample caught my attention right away, heh, but the rest of the track is an awesome effort by Joachim remixing a classic hip-hop group. Enjoy and show some love to that download + share button if you’re feeling it.

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Cherry Blossoms

A great chill tune that mixes in a couple of things I like, the piano rolls and the guitar play nicely together, and overall it’s a very polished effort that definitely sets the mood. Grab it on Beatport if it’s your thing.

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Temporal anomaly AKA Music of the Spheres

Call this vibe what you want (trance-step? You know me and genres…), but this sound needs to be done with polish to stand out (since everyone is taking a shot at it these days), and I think Mackey really delivers in that regard.

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My girl CloZee throwing down some fantastic sounds recently, liking her new video collaborations as well. I think you’ll really dig this relaxing topical + glitch (?, lol I have no idea what I’m doing) vibe. Show some love with a download.

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Sand Storm