One and Two Half Dollars

Goodfellas sample caught my attention right away, heh, but the rest of the track is an awesome effort by Joachim remixing a classic hip-hop group. Enjoy and show some love to that download + share button if you’re feeling it.

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Cherry Blossoms

A great chill tune that mixes in a couple of things I like, the piano rolls and the guitar play nicely together, and overall it’s a very polished effort that definitely sets the mood. Grab it on Beatport if it’s your thing.

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Temporal anomaly AKA Music of the Spheres

Call this vibe what you want (trance-step? You know me and genres…), but this sound needs to be done with polish to stand out (since everyone is taking a shot at it these days), and I think Mackey really delivers in that regard.

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My girl CloZee throwing down some fantastic sounds recently, liking her new video collaborations as well. I think you’ll really dig this relaxing topical + glitch (?, lol I have no idea what I’m doing) vibe. Show some love with a download.

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Sand Storm

pink plumeria closeup

A damn chill track coming from Nefarious!, whom I haven’t heard of before but now must keep an eye on. Great stuff all the way through, you can grab it on Juno if you’d like.

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[coloured pencils]

Woah, very reminiscent of the dirty-funk sounds of Iguanodon and ilk. This track is all over the place, but if you’re a fan of what I call “journey” music, you’ll be anxious to see where this takes you next.

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Life at Risk, Bromo Indonesia

I don’t think any of the regular Sophistefunk listeners would classify the work of Seven Lions as entirely “original”… but man, the sound is just so polished that you can’t help but dig it (IMO). Show a little love if you’re feeling this new release.

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Strawberry in champagne

Ah yes, you know that Kill Paris is sound with that sweet funk, and he’s back again with a seriously sexy mix. I loved it the whole way through, those who like the grown & sexy sound will especially love this.

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looking east . L1012496.JPG

Very stylish and chill sound coming from Fion + Brame, the sample almost reminds me of Michael Jackson, but I’ve got no clue what is actually is. Great track to bob your head to.

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Calling Big Gigantic tracks “big” is just something that’s too lame to do, but you know what sort of sound you’re in for. The sax makes a great return on this track, and the huge ginormous (see what I did there?) bass is around as always. Enjoy.

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