Got a message from the dude A Poco Lips about a new collab, and boy, I’m glad I read my messages for once. (My SoundCloud inbox is almost as bad as my email :() Definitely a super enjoyable hip-hop vibe, in fact the whole EP is great! Check out the above track “Mouse Eggs” and show some love.

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29-07-10 You Be The Writer And Decide The Words I Say

I recently wrote a post on our Facebook page describing how I don’t normally like music reviews, mostly because I find them pretty useless (my ears are the end of the review when it comes to my own opinion). That’s why I’m just going to recommend you go ahead and press play, and let the sounds of Ruddy P take over your mind for a bit.

Note: If the BandCamp download is down, go here (uploaded by Ruddy)

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Damn, Kastle has been putting out some smooth sounds lately, “so hot right now”. (High-five for the terrible reference) This is a collabo track with a London artist by the name of iO, definitely a solid song and here’s hoping for a quick release.

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Resting (in the past)

Super spaced out track coming from Ruddy P, an artist I’ll definitely have to check out more of now that I’ve heard this. Definitely check out more of his music on Bandcamp (downloads below), really incredible sound.

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Lost in Daydreams

Definitely had to share this new set on SoundCloud by Kastle. He’s got (I’m quoting a comment on his SoundCloud) that “goddamn baby makin’ music!” Heh, you’ll definitely enjoy it (at least listen to the first track, fire!), and it’s all free, so show love.

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It's Raining Again

1.) “Reprise”

2.) “Beirut”

Definitely some great chillwave coming from Koi. The whole album has a great feel, what I’ve been calling the ‘Super Nintendo sound’, it’s not chiptune by any means, but the melodies remind you more of a nostalgic gaming scenario than your typical electronic tune. Very enjoyable, download and show love.

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Bonus: “Bare Naked (Freddie Joachim Remix)” by Slakah The Beatchild | Download

Dem beats… Man, I’ve loving Freddie’s stuff right now, it’s got that classic hip-hop soul and samples to die for. Definitely check out these two tracks and I highly recommend you take a peek at more of his music on SoundCloud, consider this a PSA for good music.

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Next Dimension

1.) “Kindred-Goer (Remix)” by a. poco. lips. | Download

2.) “Flexx (Drankenstein Remix)” by Wolfgang Gartner | Download

3.) “Helicopter (Ambinate Remix)” by Another | Download

4.) “Cut It Out (Kastle Remix)” by Kitten | Download

5.) “Potholderz (Snubluck Remix)” by MF Doom | Download

Music definitely makes your mind wander. This mix is all about the broad reach that music has, with the sole connecting factor being that some slick electronic beats are being laid down as the foundation. Enjoy!

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Into Dust

It’s Madeaux week at Sophistefunk apparently, can’t get enough of these liquid beats. Madeaux takes a shot at some mainstream vocals this time around, with Usher’s “Climax”, and I have to call it a success. Show love.

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Kicking it with a fresh glitch sound today, love the how the vocals were done in this remix and the overall tempo of the song. Wish it was a bit longer, but a good listen nonetheless.

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