Kicking it with a fresh glitch sound today, love the how the vocals were done in this remix and the overall tempo of the song. Wish it was a bit longer, but a good listen nonetheless.

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So it’s come to this: a remix of a remix. Surprisingly enough, it’s still enjoyable, glad to see Paper Diamond trying out some new sounds after the recent ‘dubsteppy’ releases. Enjoy and download.

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We Are The Sun

Woo, always glad to see another track dropping from Big Gigantic. I’ve been anxiously awaiting each new release to satiate my need for new Big G releases ever since their Nocturnal album, and this one definitely fits the bill. Download and enjoy.

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Quarters Only – New York

The man Chris Hurst is hard at work with some new tracks, following up on his Summer Freebies released recently. I really like how Hurst always manages to mix up his sounds and branch into different genres, and I’m really enjoying the overall vibe of this track. Download and show love.

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Blur lights of the Canal

1.) “Celestina” by Madeaux | [Download]

2.) “Frozen” by LuQus

3.) “The Water (Ambassedeurs Remix)” by Feist | [Download]

4.) “Cool Down Volume 1” by Bird Peterson | [Download]

5.) “On + On (Ambinate Remix)” by Halc | [Download]

For those times when last night warrants a cool down period, here’s the mix to bookmark. Super mellow and trance-like vibes are the name of the game here, so enjoy when you need to re-coup or just relax.

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If you enjoyed the remix by CloZee and were fond of my previous post about Madeaux, you are going to love this track. It’s apart of a remix competition being hosted by NeuroPlastic records, which you can find out more about below. Really beautiful work, really consumes you while listening.

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It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of posting up some Beats Antique. This is definitely not their “usual” sound, but then again, do they really have a usual sound? Experimentation is the name of the game with this group, so click play and see if you dig it.

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It seems as though Mr. Skyrim in the Knee is back, this time with a great glitch experimentation track that shows off a little artist versatility. As typical, this song is getting whored out on YouTube, so I thought Rameses might appreciate a SoundCloud post instead ;). Enjoy and show love.

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Woah, you gotta be careful with this source material, but in the talented hands of Gramatik, you can put the pitchforks down. I thought this was a strong remix, not a fan of the ‘high voice’ sample edits, but the rest of the track is excellent. Enjoy the free download and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Unlike the failed video game consolethis Virtual Boy is downright awesome.

As someone who’s posted about them on multiple occasions, you know I’m definitely down with their unique sound.

That’s why it is my pleasure today to give you this great interview with the duo, going over music production, working in a pair, and what it means to pursue a unique sound.

I think you’re going to love it, musician or not, so stop reading the intro and lez do this!

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