The dude Bird Peterson continues to be on a roll, remixing what many Deadmau5 fans would label as a classic of his. Putting those signature “trap muzik” drums over this track could have turned out badly, but Bird puts this one together very nicely. Show some love with the download & share if it’s your thing.

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Actually apart of a dual release, I’ve already featured the Morning After album before, so now it’s time to take a peak at Late Night. This track is called Dopplegang Bang (uh… lol) and you can grab the full release below.

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Damn this track is so clean, I will honestly have this thing on repeat the whole week. So much style, it’s tracks that can get this sense of attitude across without excessive bass that really stick with you, so congrats to Burns & Still Life for putting out a banger.

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Classic track in my opinion, glad to feature it to a bit wider audience. We’ve been on a chill streak for a minute and this just keeps it rolling, definitely driving/zone-out music if I’ve ever heard it. Enjoy and show some love to that download.

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Somewhat crazy seeing Gramatik remix a house track, although you have to admit, dude loves to experiment with his sounds. From the heavier vibe in the Digital Freedom album to his hip-hop centric Beatz & Pieces releases (rhyme unintentional :)), he covers a wide spectrum.

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Man I’ve been enjoying the stuff coming from Bird Peterson lately. Back when I first came across his music, from Drankenstein 2, I’ve really dug the unique “trap + trance” vibes, and now that’s he’s heading out to new sounds, it just keeps getting better. Show some love if you enjoyed this one.

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This is an interesting direction for R/D, I know some of you are going to be wondering what happened to his old sound. It’s definitely a different style, even from his latest releases, but I think it’s an interesting progression to take. Part of me hopes that he’s careful not to lose that element that makes his music so recognizable though.

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Man, Break Science is definitely a duo that I don’t think gets enough credit. I’ve been loving everything lately, from the Boogie Down remix with Gramatik to the Monolith Code album, they are really putting it down. Show this mix some love if you’re feeling it, I know I definitely am.

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Woo, finally dropped! I featured The Sunset on here a bit ago, but you can grab the whole album for free. My take: PLM picked up another winner, definitely a different sound from someone like Menert, but it still fits well with the vibe of the label and is definitely quality. Show some love if this is your style.

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Here we are again, with another experimental sound, this is the kind of stuff I know a lot of you enjoy. I like where Ambinate takes this track, it’s just a fantastic song to “lose yourself” too. Show some love with this one, and download the whole album if it’s your taste.

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