You might remember Madeuax from the ‘Song #2’ release. This time around the vibe is a little different, but man is it good. Opium features some great samples and the tone of the song is really unique. Enjoy the download and show some love.

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Nice, it seems that Paper Diamond is at it again. Although he’s been keeping us busy with some remixes, it’s glad to see an original release. Really digging what I’m hearing, the style is a bit different from the ‘Levitate’ album, but I think you’ll dig it.

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Original track by Malakai

Another stellar set of remixes by the dude Benny Loco. If your into this sound, definitely be sure to check out the Lines EP and Benny’s other slew of remixes that have been featured. Show that download and ‘like’ button some love.

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Love how this track mixes up the mellow with that upbeat break down that happens about 1/4 and 3/4 of the way in. Great job by Kill Paris for not overdoing the bassline, blends perfectly and leaves you wanting more. Enjoy the download and show some love.

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I typically dig the MiMOSA vibe, this track fits snugly in my “approve” box, thought you might enjoy it too. A somewhat different style from their recent mixes, I’m interested to see if this direction continues, otherwise I think you’ll at least enjoy the ride this time around. Free download is available, but only through a cumbersome Facebook process.

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Wow, big track, definitely feeling the funky vibe of this whole tune, I love when an artist is willing to experiment throughout the song, it’s tough to keep a dance vibe and not be repetitive. Enjoy the download and show Lunar Apex some love!

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Art by Nick La

Really digging this vibe coming from Sweaters recent work, you know I’ve been on a sensual kick this week. Above is a small two track EP, and below you’ll find another jam that will be stuck in your head this week, so enjoy.

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Bonus: “You Know It’s Love”

Chris Hurst is always putting out some interesting mixes, and he’s here today with another one I really enjoyed, an electro take on Don’t Fear the Reaper mixed with some Blue Oyster Cult I believe. Great mix to check out, show some love to that download if you enjoy.

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1.) “Chakalaka” by Owlform

2.) “Life Of Sin” by MitiS

3.) “EVAM” by Eastern Sun

This mix is going to chill spines like the alpines, definitely glad to be posting up something this mellow, let it set the tone for you week. Bonus points for the stupid title reference (think: Donald Glover). Take care and be well, and as always, show some love to this music.

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Wanted to do something a little different today, so I put together a little quote post for all of you to enjoy/share.

This is one of my favorite quotes from Aldous Huxley, I believe it describes the way music is able to “speak” to us in those times where a song really leaves a lasting impact.

Hope you enjoy!