Gramatik’s has definitely transitioned a bit from the older days, I for one am I fan but I’m lookin’ forward to the feedback on this one!

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Urban Study


As a guy who still has a working NES, it’s safe to say I’m a retro game junkie. Love this take on a classic Mega Man score, definitely worth a listen even if there’s no nostalgia involved. (Also, you know you love that graphic!)

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Loving this, great funk vibe on a “beatstrumental” worth listening to.

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Shiner Beer

Really enjoyed this one, great vocals and an infectious beat make this worth a listen.

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A Color Map of the Sun

Ah, you knew this new Pretty Lights release had to get shared! Show love.

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POCHO #gaucholadri #streetart #streetarteba

Always fun to take an adventure with Coyote Kisses, great stuff that is on par with earlier releases.

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190 ton truck tire. boron, ca. 2006.

Loving this new track from my man Benny Loco, show some weekend love if you’re feeling it.

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Nice to see Imprint After release something new, really loved the sample, give it a listen!

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Sahara Wonderland

Orange night.

Nice, Lunar Apex is back with some of the signature dance funk, show some love if this is your thing.

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Really digging this track and the whole remix album, you should definitely check out the CloZee remix as well. Grab it below from Bandcamp.

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the garland (color version)