Universe Zero

Just straight digging this Lindsay Lowend release, too fun.


Really digging this, great vibe for a Friday.

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"Banging on the Drum All Day"

Quick little hip-hop instrumental, really well done and an interesting sound.


Love this mix of genres, great all-around listen.

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Passé / Futur

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oteando el horizonte (scanning the horizon)

All I gotta say is this is some hot stuff.

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Gramatik’s has definitely transitioned a bit from the older days, I for one am I fan but I’m lookin’ forward to the feedback on this one!

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Urban Study


As a guy who still has a working NES, it’s safe to say I’m a retro game junkie. Love this take on a classic Mega Man score, definitely worth a listen even if there’s no nostalgia involved. (Also, you know you love that graphic!)

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Loving this, great funk vibe on a “beatstrumental” worth listening to.

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Shiner Beer

Really enjoyed this one, great vocals and an infectious beat make this worth a listen.

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